David E. Perlin

David founded PIP after 30+ years in the institutional banking world. His unique value-add as a RIA is his previous role as Managing Director of the U.S. International Equities sales trading desk at Goldman Sachs.  PIP's investment philosophy is rooted in the premise that assets need to be astutely INVESTED, not simply "managed."

Kristin-Marie Pernicano

Kristin-Marie serves as COO of PIP.  Her specialty is in creating foundational structures for entrepreneurs and companies that enable them to grow, while avoiding operational pitfalls that businesses face. She was a compliance officer for David's team at Goldman Sachs, and also served as a VP at Citi and Merrill Lynch before founding KMP Consulting.

Haik Sahakyan

Haik brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the core reporting structure that enables PIP clients to see across their entire wealth portfolio, regardless of who manages the assets.  He was a founding member of Addepar before starting Blackmar Consulting.  The firm helps companies like PIP deliver critical data via a transparent and seamless interface to clients.